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Puyallup Electronic Home Monitoring

Puyallup Alcohol Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring Puyallup WA


Puyallup Electronic Home Monitoring by Offender Monitoring Solutions (OMS) is pleased to be able to offer 24 hour Puyallup electronic home monitoring services to Puyallup and Pierce County electronic home monitoring to defendants that have been sentenced to serve time at home via electronic home monitoring in or around Puyallup WA or alcohol monitoring in Puyallup, WA.

Enrolling as a participant in the OMS Puyallup Electronic Home Monitoring program is as simple as downloading our forms, filling them out, and sending them back to us.  Once your paperwork is received in our office you will be contacted by an intake officer who will explain in full the process of setting up your electronic home monitoring device and schedule your appointment for Puyallup EHM installation.

OMS offers Puyallup Alcohol Monitoring, Puyallup Electronic Home Monitoring, Enhanced GPS Tracking, Full Lock down, Voice Verification and Ignition Interlock services.  No matter what your monitoring requirements are Offender Monitoring Solutions and Puyallup Electronic Home Monitoring are here for you.

If you have been sentenced Puyallup Municipal Court, and are in need of monitoring give us a call 253-203-6103

To get started right now click here >> EHM Forms

We provide electronic home monitoring and alcohol monitoring for most Washington State courts.

Puyallup EHM Phone Number 253-203-6103

BluBand- House Arrest, BluTag GPS Monitor, SCRAM (alcohol monitor)

The Puyallup ehm office proudly provides Electronic Home Monitoring Services to the entire city of Puyallup including Puyallup City Jail:

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