SoDo looks at daytime alcohol ban to prevent public drunkenness

In attempts to prevent daytime public drunkenness, three Seattle neighborhoods will be asking stores to implement a voluntary ban on high-alcohol content beer and wine for a few hours each day, beginning next month.
City leaders say they will ask for a voluntary ban on the cheap malt-liquor drinks in convenience stores in Beacon Hill, SoDo and Lake City between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Aaron Pickus with the mayor’s office says the agreement with distributors is better than a heavy-handed law.
“We think by working with the businesses we can put in something that’s more effective,” Pickus says.
Local business owners hope the voluntary ban helps with some of the problems they’ve experienced.
“It was like doing battle every day with a bunch of drunk people,” says John Scholfield with AC Automotive in the SoDo neighborhood. “Now I think we get rid of this high alcohol content beer that will get rid of it, hopefully.”
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