Police: Staffers uncooperative after homeless shelter resident stabbed

Staff members at a homeless shelter in the 800 block of Roy Street were less than willing to cooperate with police after a resident was stabbed in the eye last Tuesday, according to the Seattle Police Department.
Officers arrived outside the shelter around 7:45 p.m. to find the victim with a bleeding hole in his eyelid and his eye swollen shut.
According to the police report for the incident, the victim told officers he didn’t want medical attention and to ask a staffer who stabbed him. When officers looked to the staffer, the staffer said he didn’t want to say anything, according to the report.
Officers again asked the victim who stabbed him. The victim looked at the staffer and said, “I guess I don’t want to say anything either,” according to the report.
While this was happening, staffers were attempting to hustle the other seven to eight men standing around into the shelter, according to the report.
When medics from the Seattle Fire Department arrived, View full post on “drunk” News

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