Police: Drunken man unable to confirm attack by girls with hand saw

A drunken man was unable to tell police if young girls really attacked him last Monday, but suggested he draw pictures of the assaulters who left him with several deep cuts on his face, according to the Seattle Police Department.
Police say they were called to the 900 block of Pine Street around 2:45 p.m. on Nov. 11 where firefighters were loading an “extremely intoxicated” man onto a stretcher. The man was too drunk to tell police why he had several cuts to his face, according to police.
While investigating the attack, police say they found a hand saw at a bus stop on the north side of Pine Street, next to the Seattle Central Community College where Occupy Seattle protesters are camped. Police took the weapon as evidence, but say they are unsure if it was used in the attack.
Police continued to ask people in the area about the assault, but were unable to find any witnesses. One man near the camp, however, told police he heard about the incident and that three or four View full post on “drunk” News

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