Police: Drunk man robbed after falling down in motel parking lot

An “extremely intoxicated” man was robbed after he fell down in the parking lot of a North Seattle motel early Sept. 13, according to the Seattle Police Department.
According to the taxi driver who brought the man to the Orion Motel on Aurora, the man was walking out of the motel office when he stumbled to the ground. The taxi driver told police another man came out of nowhere and took the man’s wallet out of his back pocket and removed cash.
The taxi driver attempted to stop the robber from fleeing by holding on to him but let go when he was punched, according to the police report for the incident.
The taxi driver told police there were numerous other witnesses to the crime, but they just stood there and watched “like it was a movie.” These other witnesses had dispersed by the time police arrived.
The victim was unable to give police a description of the man who robbed him because he was too drunk, having a hard time standing while talking with officers, View full post on “drunk” News

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