Locals video friends at Brewers Festival at Marymoor

Betty Jones and her husband Bob Holzgraf of Bellevue attended the recent 2012 Washington Brewers Festival at Marymoor Park in Redmond with friends and family. A root beer drinker, Jones was the designated driver.
Here is a candid video shot by their friend Cheryl Nellis of Seattle that features Kenlee Ducoing (Jones’ daughter) of Queen Anne. Ducoing and her husband, Kevin, were hanging out with Nellis, Jones and Holzgraf on Sunday at the festival
What was Nellis’ favorite beer of the 200 or so available? “Wingman Brewers chili beer,” said Nellis. “It was delicious and had a little heat at the end.”
What did she think of the venue at Marymoor? “My major complaints were the layout with little pockets of concessions were all spread out and the terrain,” explained Nellis. “The ground is so uneven people looked like they were drunk before they even had a sip.”
Did you attend the festival? What was you favorite beer and what did you think of the venue?
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