DUI Patrols rolling out for ‘St. Paddy’s Day’ partying

Luck won’t help drunk drivers this St. Patrick’s Day.
Pierce County law enforcement agencies will be teaming up next Saturday, March 17th to help keep local roads safe.
Last year, according to Pierce County authorities, a similar patrol resulted in more than 30 arrests.
Following each arrest, law enforcement officers will hit up bars and residences where drunk drivers say they had been drinking at last. 
In a press release, Deputy Chief Bryan Jeter, from the Puyallup Police Department, said: “We’re asking everyone who anticipates driving after drinking to make the right call: secure a designated driver before stepping out, or call a taxi.”   
To help ensure everyone gets home safe, bartenders and customers will be able to get a “Click It 2 Ride” card with toll-free numbers for local taxi companies.
If someone doesn’t have a designated driver, they can scan the cards with a smart phone and it will directly connect them to a cab company.
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