Drunk bar-goers make for shoddy witnesses in Fremont assault

While a Fremont bar emptied out at closing time, officers had a hard time finding out exactly what resulted in a man lying unconscious on the sidewalk due to “extremely intoxicated” witnesses, according to the Seattle Police Department.At 2:05 a.m. June 11, officers responded to a report of a woman on the ground and an unruly crowd outside a bar in the 3400 block of Evanston Avenue North.While on the scene, officers watched a large number of drunk bar-goers continue to spill onto the sidewalk and heard reports of a second person on the ground, according to the police report. According to the report, the man had vomited and passed out on the sidewalk, where he appeared to be unconscious.According to the report, bystanders told officers the man had been hit in the head, but the witnesses were all “extremely intoxicated” and gave differing accounts of the event.One witness said the unconscious man had been punched in the head and that was it. Another witness said the man had been punched View full post on “drunk” News

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