Downtown law group’s ad sparks debate over sex offender registry

In some cases, it’s “a list for life.” The sex offender registry forces convicted criminals to stay in the spotlight.

Not everyone wants to stay there.

“Those two words, ‘sex offender,’ they make me sick to my stomach,” said one such former criminal.

We protected his identity so he could be candid about what he had done. He doesn’t want you to forgive him or forget what he did. He just wants you to shift your perception of his crime.

“I did something wrong and I manned up to it. I admitted it in court. I took my punishment,” he said.

It was nearly two decades ago, when he was 18-years old. Half his lifetime ago. He says that night he was “drunk beyond anything I’ve ever been almost to the point of falling down.”

He was drunk and out of control with a female friend.

“Kind of in and out of consciousness, not really able to function, and I took advantage of her,” he said.

She couldn’t give consent. It was a sex View full post on “drunk” News

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