Capitol Hill getting a new 24-hour diner

Life is hard on Capitol Hill. If you want a really great, dark, gross diner that’s open all night and serves drinks until the very last second, you’ve got to trudge your sad, drunk self down to the 5 Point (or, I guess the Hurricane, if you have no shame at all and are very, very hungry). How can Seattle’s densest, most vibrant, most inebriated neighborhood not have a 24-hour diner?
According to the Stranger, that hole in our hearts will soon be filled, using a space that apparently was once a gay bathhouse. Like all great holes in hearts. 
Bethany Jean Clement reports that Basic Plumbing, near the Comet, will soon be transformed into an all-night bar and diner. Unsurprising, it’s being brought to us by David Meinert, Patron Saint of Poor Decisions. 
You’ll never have to go home again. 
(Ed. Note: There’s also a 24-hour IHOP on the hill.) View full post on “drunk” News

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