Alleged dognapper arrested in Cal Anderson Park

A Seattle man was recently the victim of a strong-arm puppy robbery, but the alleged dognapper was later arrested after eagle-eyed friends of the victim recognized the stolen pit bull at Cal Anderson Park.The odd crime began August 8 when the robber, who introduced himself as Ryan, arrived at the victim’s house to purchase a puppy. The victim was selling a litter of pit bulls, and a week prior to the crime he met a woman in Cowen Park who said she knew someone who was in the market for a new dog.As Ryan and two of his friends were playing with the dogs, one of the men grabbed a puppy, a pit bull mix named Baby Bear, and left the house.The victim followed the man outside and snatched the puppy from his arms, according a police report.While the victim was still holding the puppy, Ryan allegedly put him in a headlock and violently twisted one arm behind his back. He also told the victim, “If you don’t give me this puppy, I’ll beat you until you are dead in the street,” according to the View full post on “drunk” News

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