Incarceration Alternatives “Electronic Home Confinement”

Incarceration Alternatives


GPS technology is a great addition to the suite of tools and methods supervising agents/officers use to monitor the movements and compliance of enrollees. It allows supervising agents/officers to more closely monitor the movements of enrollees while increasing the level of community safety. This technology is highly effective, but it is not a replacement for in-person interaction between supervising agents/officers and enrollees. In fact, no technology can replace the critical person-to-person meetings, phone calls and visits. These interactions between supervising agents/officers and enrollees provide much needed information that isn’t available by simply looking at a map of tracks.

Offender monitoring Solutions and EHMonitoring offer supervising agencies a suite of technology, equipment and services to meet the diverse needs of an enrollee monitoring program.  Our equipment is easy to operate, it is easy to understand, it is very accurate and it is the affordable solution to overcrowding of jails, in addition we do most of the work for you.  Read the overview of the BluTag Electronic Home Monitoring Devices.

Call Offender Monitoring Solutions and speak to one of our agents.  Learn how we can save your detention facility money and time by designing & implementing an EHM program.  Already have a system, but want us to assist with your overflow? Call us!

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