Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol Monitoring is the most used service that is used for court ordered monitoring.  Offender Monitoring Solutions offers various types of Alcohol Monitoring products.  Our most popular alcohol monitoring devices are the SCRAM CAM Bracelet and the SoberTrack Breathalyzer.


Alcohol Monitoring Washington

The SCRAM CAM Bracelet and the SoberLink and Remote Breath Breathalyzers are our most widely used Product for Washington State Alcohol & DUI Monitoring.  Due to their popularity please call 3-5 days in advance to set up your alcohol monitoring or electronic monitoring appointment 253-328-7345.  Get started with your monitoring today by filling out our application below.


Alcohol Monitoring Oregon

Oregon Alcohol Monitoring is handled through our Vancouver, Washington Office 253-203-6103.


If you need alcohol monitoring call Offender monitoring Solutions.  Our knowledgeable, helpful staff will take care of your needs.  Get court compliant today – Don’t wait till the last moment, make you appointment today and be court compliant ASAP.  253-203-6103

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