$10 EHM- Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring

$10 EHM- Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring


Our $10 EHM- Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring special is for any person who who is needing Standard EHM  service for District or Municipal Courts and possesses an active land line in their home .  If you don’t have a landline your cost will only be $12.00 per day.  Felony related defendants are an additional $2.00 per day.

This price of $10 is only good if you fill out and submit the form below and have a working landline.


Need Alcohol Monitoring?

EHM Washington provides Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM), but we are also a leader in the judicial system for those who need Alcohol Monitoring. Our Alcohol Monitoring Service provides simplicity in monitoring which will help you to stay in compliance and give you Peace of Mind. EHM Washington utilizes the SCRAM cam alcohol monitoring bracelet as well as the Remote Breath portable breathalyzer depending on the needs of your court ordered alcohol monitoring program requirements.

Our basic alcohol monitoring service is affordable and simple to use:  Basic alcohol monitoring service starts at only $12 per day.   Don’t have a phone line? No worries  People on basic alcohol monitoring can have a bi-weekly appointment to have their SCRAM Bracelet downloaded in office No Problem.  The Remote Breath breathalyzer is portable and runs on a cellular network.  We offer an Ethernet based system as well.

If the Court is requiring Electronic Home Monitoring w/Alcohol Monitoring  we can assist you with that as well.  EHM w/Alcohol Sensor is available in 3 versions: landline, Ethernet or cellular. Prices for EHM w/Alcohol Sensor start at $14.00 per day

 Affordable Electronic Home Monitoring

After submitting this form you must text us 425-243-4687 and leave a message stating that you have already filled out the $10 EHM form along with your name.


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